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Posted: 10:20 a.m. Monday, July 14, 2014

Waterspout hits racing yacht during race 

Waterspout hits yacht during race
Waterspout hits yacht during race

By Mark Starling

New footage has surfaced of the moment a British sailing team's boat was hit by a water spout during what's considered the world's longest and toughest race.

The race runs more than 40,000 miles between six continents of an 11 month span.

The camera was attached to the mast aimed downward towards the deck of the yacht.

The conditions were already rough.

The waterspout was invisible in the conditions at the time and hit without warning, it rolled the boat 120 degrees pinning the mast down on the ocean's surface in 100 knot winds. 

Crew are thrown into the sea on their tethers and scrambled to hang on. The boat starts to right itself as the tornado passes.

Mark Starling

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