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"On the Money" with Certified Financial Group

"On the Money" with Certified Financial Group 

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Honoring our Heroes

As we approach our nation’s Memorial Day, we reflect upon the great sacrifices made by those who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom, and we honor their heroic service to our country and each one of us. Read the rest of the story.

The money mistakes even the super rich make

Even the super-wealthy have some investing regrets.  Some 27% of investors with at least $1 million in net worth said their No. 1 investing mistake before working with a financial adviser was a failure to diversify their portfolios properly, according to a survey of 652 clients of the financial advisory ...

The Retirement Cost That 80% of Americans Aren’t Ready For

The vast majority of Americans want to remain in their homes throughout retirement, but a new study finds that 8 in 10 drastically underestimate the cost of getting the in-home help that many will need to make it possible. Read the rest of the story.

3 Actions That Will Improve Your Retirement

Retirement is a major accomplishment. But you also have to decide what to do next. While the new found freedom is exhilarating, many people don't know what to do with themselves in retirement. Read the rest of the story.

4 Reasons Why Renting a Home is a Wise Decision

Homeownership has long been held up as the epitome of the American Dream. And for some people it has been. In other cases, the decision to buy a home can be a financial nightmare – they didn’t call that home-renovation movie “The Money Pit” for nothing.   Read the rest of ...

How to Know if You’re Saving Enough for Retirement

As a financial planner, one of the most common questions I am asked is “How much money should I have saved?” or “How far behind am I in saving for retirement?” My answer? It depends. Read the rest of the story.

10 Biggest Lies We Tell Ourselves About Money

When it comes to personal finance, honesty is the best policy. Be honest with banks, be honest with your family, but most of all, be honest with yourself.  It’s a frequent occurrence that people find themselves in financial trouble because they weren’t honest about their money situation. But recognizing the ...

4 Things You Need to Know About the Social Security Spousal Benefit

Here are the situations in which an individual can collect Social Security, when, how much they can collect, and how they can do it. Read the rest of the story.

How to retire in a bear market

There’s still hope if you quit working when markets aren’t cooperating.  For the first time in about seven years, investors approaching retirement may be facing one of their biggest financial fears: retiring into a bear market. Read the rest of the story.

11 Ways to Go Broke in Retirement

Retirement is a major milestone that brings many life changes. One thing that doesn’t change for most people: the fear of running out of money. According to a recent survey from the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies,the most frequently reported retirement worry is outliving savings and investments.Across all ages, 44% ...

What You Can Learn From Your 2015 Tax Return

The market has been lousy for the better part of a year. And unfortunately, the current tax season promises to compound the pain for many investors. Read the rest of the story.

10 Signs You Are Not OK to Retire

Being ready to retire means more than being ready to stop waking up at 6:00 a.m. to put in long hours at a job you’re not thrilled about. If it were that simple, most of us would retire at 25. What it really takes to retire is a solid grasp ...

The Most-Overlooked Tax Breaks for the Newly Retired

Because federal tax law reaches deep into all aspects of our lives, it’s no surprise that the rules that affect us change as our lives change. This can present opportunities to save or create costly pitfalls to avoid. Being alert to the rolling changes that come at various life stages ...

The 6 Tax Deductions That Save You the Most Money

It’s that time of year when the taxman wants your money. But thanks to the tax code, there are many deductions that can help keep cash in your pocket instead of going to Uncle Sam. Read the rest of the story.

8 Financial Decisions You’ll Never Regret

A new year is here. And even if you’ve already broken the resolutions you made at the end of the holiday season, it’s never too late to make new ones, especially when it comes to your finances. Read the rest of the story.

Inheriting a Roth IRA isn’t always best: Sometimes traditional is better

Conventional wisdom suggests that inheriting a Roth IRA is always better than inheriting a traditional IRA. In the case of the former, the distributions are tax-free and in the case of the latter, distributions are taxed as ordinary income. Read the rest of the story.

How to Save Over $1,000 on Your 2015 Tax Bill

It’s not too late to reduce your 2015 tax bill. Retirement savers continue to have a powerful option to decrease the amount they owe in federal income tax, if they are willing to deposit money in an individual retirement account. Depending on your tax rate, a last-minute IRA contribution could ...

New scams to avoid in 2016

There are many ways to make sure that your finances are in good health, as the new year gets underway. One of them—knowing how to spot a scam—is often ignored. The result is that many people are swindled out of their hard-earned savings every year. While 2015 was a year ...

10 Money Leaks to Shut Down Now

We often spend money on the same items over and over again without even thinking about it: For some of us, it might be cab rides or water bottles; for others, happy hours and shoes. Before we figure out how to stop overspending, we have to become more aware of ...

Why 2016 May Be A Great Year for Homebuyers

The Federal Housing Administration continues its mission to help consumers realize the dream of homeownership. In today’s mortgage lending environment, there are three buckets of loan options available for borrowers, including conventional, FHA and jumbo loans.Read the rest of the story. 

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