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"On the Money" with Certified Financial Group

"On the Money" with Certified Financial Group 

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How Social Security retirement age rules impact clients

Under the original rules for Social Security, workers became eligible for a benefit upon reaching their full retirement age of 65, with a slight increase in benefits if the worker delayed until as late as age 70. However, full retirement age itself has always been a moving target. It was pushed ...

Everything You Need to Know About Required 401(k) and IRA Withdrawals

If you are one of the millions of Americans with a retirement-savings account, three of the most important letters in your financial life might be these:  RMD. Read the rest of the story.

9 IRS Audit Red Flags for Retirees

In 2015, the Internal Revenue Service audited only 0.84% of all individual tax returns.  So the odds are generally pretty low that your return will be picked for review.  That said, your changes of being audited or otherwise hearing from the IRS escalate depending on various factors. Read the rest ...

IRA, 401(k), 529: What’s the Best Tax-Sheltered Account Type for You?

Congress has periodically looked at the idea of simplifying tax-sheltered savings, but for now investors have to wend their way through a dizzying maze of tax-advantaged investment wrappers: multiple types of IRAs, company-retirement plans, and college-savings accounts, each with its own tax treatment, its own set of rules governing who ...

6 Signs You’re Ready to Retire Early

They’re questions nearly every young and middle-aged worker has asked themselves: Should I leave my job and retire early? What would I need? How do I know I’m ready? If you’re considering retiring early, you’ll forego not only the headaches of working, but also the additional money earned that could ...

10 Reasons You Will Never Be a Millionaire

Wealthy people usually aren’t born that way. Most spend their lives amassing their fortunes by working hard, spending little, saving a lot and investing wisely. It may sound like a simple strategy, but the fact that the vast majority of Americans fall short of millionaire status proves that it’s easier ...

Why You Probably Can’t Collect Social Security When You Turn 62

It’s common knowledge that you can collect Social Security retirement benefits as early as when you turn 62. Only one problem: That generally isn’t the case. Only about 7% of people can get a check for the month they celebrate their 62nd birthday. Read the rest of the story.

The Best Ways to Avoid Boredom in Retirement

Why do some people get bored in retirement and others don’t? Is there a secret?  Good question. Let me start by describing what many Americans do in their first year in retirement, give or take a few months. Read the rest of the story.

9 Retirement Tax Breaks You Don’t Want to Miss

Because federal tax law reaches deep into all aspects of our lives, it’s no surprise that the rules that affect us change as our lives change. This can present opportunities to save or create costly pitfalls to avoid. Being alert to the rolling changes that come at various life stages ...

How to Boost Your Social Security Check by 85 Percent

For Americans, few decisions are as financially consequential as choosing when to take Social Security. Or as hard.  While you can tap retirement benefits as early as age 62, the federal government offers big financial incentives to wait. The rules are complicated, however–books have been written on Social Security’s intricacies. ...

Test Your Retirement IQ

What’s the biggest threat to a comfortable retirement? Ignorance. The decisions you make leading up to retirement, including how much to save, how to allocate your investments, when to take Social Security and how to anticipate your retirement expenses can make a big difference in your old age. And the ...

Key moves that may help reduce your 2016 tax bill

When it comes to tax planning, procrastination can be costly; the deadline for implementing most investment-related strategies to help reduce your tax bill for this year is December 30, 2016.  We have assembled a number of valuable tips you may be able to implement before the year ends to help ...

Withdrawal Strategies in Retirement

Posted by Gary Abely, CFP®, AIF®, CPA   Most of us have heard that in retirement we can withdraw approximately 4 to 5% per year from our retirement accounts without too much worry about outliving these assets.  One of the biggest risks a new retiree faces is sequencing of returns, ...

No Matter What Trump Does, Keep Your Hands Off Your 401(k)

People saving for retirement in 401(k) plans are the epitome of hands-off investors. Even during the 2008 financial crisis, fewer than 1% of investors made a move, Vanguard data show. And that inertia might be a very good thing for retirement savers as financial markets digest the surprising victory of ...

4 Retirement Planning Pitfalls to Avoid

Expenses and income are important, but there’s more to a successful retirement plan than just dollars and cents. Read the rest of the story.

Four 401(k) Benefits You Should Take Advantage Of

Workers who are funding their retirement through an employer’s qualified plan often run the risk of developing tunnel vision where their 401(k) benefits are concerned. Either they only save the minimum, or, worse, they don’t save at all. Read the rest of the story.

When You’re the “One”

Posted by Aaron Bert, CFP®, AIF®  The one incident that could change your entire future Whenever you read about important topics like long-term care, health care or retirement, you’re likely inundated with facts and numbers. The cost of care, the likelihood you’ll experience various diseases, how much you’ll need in ...

Watch Out for This IRS Email Scam

Involving fake tax notices related to the ACA.  Beware of any email you may receive from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS): It’s a scam.  There’s been an uptick of people receiving fake notices regarding tax bills tied to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Wall Street Journal reports. The notice asks taxpayers ...

Financial do’s and don’ts of divorce

A divorce can be draining—both emotionally and financially—especially later in life. And more and more people are getting divorced later in life. Just one in 10 people who divorced in 1990 was age 50 or older; twenty years later it was one in four, according to Dr. Susan Brown, professor ...

A Hail Mary Retirement Plan if You Have Nothing Saved

You can’t make up for lost time, so try these eight options.  You’re rounding the corner toward retirement age with not nearly enough set aside. Read the rest of the story.

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