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"On the Money" with Certified Financial Group

"On the Money" with Certified Financial Group 

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The Most-Overlooked Tax Breaks for the Newly Retired

Because federal tax law reaches deep into all aspects of our lives, it’s no surprise that the rules that affect us change as our lives change. This can present opportunities to save or create costly pitfalls to avoid. Being alert to the rolling changes that come at various life stages ...

The 6 Tax Deductions That Save You the Most Money

It’s that time of year when the taxman wants your money. But thanks to the tax code, there are many deductions that can help keep cash in your pocket instead of going to Uncle Sam. Read the rest of the story.

8 Financial Decisions You’ll Never Regret

A new year is here. And even if you’ve already broken the resolutions you made at the end of the holiday season, it’s never too late to make new ones, especially when it comes to your finances. Read the rest of the story.

Inheriting a Roth IRA isn’t always best: Sometimes traditional is better

Conventional wisdom suggests that inheriting a Roth IRA is always better than inheriting a traditional IRA. In the case of the former, the distributions are tax-free and in the case of the latter, distributions are taxed as ordinary income. Read the rest of the story.

How to Save Over $1,000 on Your 2015 Tax Bill

It’s not too late to reduce your 2015 tax bill. Retirement savers continue to have a powerful option to decrease the amount they owe in federal income tax, if they are willing to deposit money in an individual retirement account. Depending on your tax rate, a last-minute IRA contribution could ...

New scams to avoid in 2016

There are many ways to make sure that your finances are in good health, as the new year gets underway. One of them—knowing how to spot a scam—is often ignored. The result is that many people are swindled out of their hard-earned savings every year. While 2015 was a year ...

10 Money Leaks to Shut Down Now

We often spend money on the same items over and over again without even thinking about it: For some of us, it might be cab rides or water bottles; for others, happy hours and shoes. Before we figure out how to stop overspending, we have to become more aware of ...

Why 2016 May Be A Great Year for Homebuyers

The Federal Housing Administration continues its mission to help consumers realize the dream of homeownership. In today’s mortgage lending environment, there are three buckets of loan options available for borrowers, including conventional, FHA and jumbo loans.Read the rest of the story. 

10 retirement resolutions for 2016

We all know we should be saving more for retirement. It’s common knowledge that increasing our retirement savings by a percent or two will help us to be better prepared for retirement. But in addition to saving regularly, here are some ways to improve your retirement finances in 2016. Read ...

Tax Audit Red Flags

Ever wonder why some tax returns are eyeballed by the Internal Revenue Service while most are ignored? Short on personnel and funding, the IRS audited only 0.86% of all individual returns in 2014. And the audit rate in 2015 has fallen to 0.84%. So the odds are pretty low that ...

Kick adult kids from the nest, speed your retirement

Young adults should be moving up, but in many cases they’re only moving back in. And it’s threatening the retirement of their parents — both financially and psychologically. Read the rest of the story.

3 ways you’re sabotaging your retirement without realizing it

If you’re like most American workers, it’s easier for you to buy a flat-screen TV today than to save for a future when you might be too deaf to hear it. The reasons why, however, have little to do with Cyber Monday specials.  Read the rest of the story.

5 Things You Need To Do Immediately After the Death of a Loved One

When a loved one passes away, there are many issues the survivors need to navigate during an already extremely difficult time. Having to make funeral plans, notify friends and family, and start the grieving process can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, there are also several critical financial items that need your attention. ...

Social Security changes will hit couples, divorced women hard.

Millions will lose money without this key claiming strategy. Read the rest of the story.  We are here to help.  Please call us at 407.869.9800 or complete this form.  

Here’s Why So Many Retirees Are Still Working

There’s been plenty of criticism lobbed at the current crop of presidential candidates, but one thing that’s barely been mentioned is their age. Read the rest of the story.

How much retirement income will you need? May be less than you think

New research indicates that retirees—especially in higher income brackets—might need to replace less of their pre-retirement income than they think. Read the rest of the story.

Using Your 401(k) to Pay Off a Mortgage: The Pros and Cons

For most individuals, a retirement savings plan through work, such as a 401(k) plan, represents one of the most powerful benefits made available by employers. The combination of personal contributions and employer matching when applicable provides individuals with the opportunity to set aside savings for the long term in a ...

The 4 Things to Do Before Retirement

Some crucial maneuvers will help soon-to-retire people avoid trouble.  The size of your nest egg isn’t the only thing you should be focused on as you close in on retirement.  Read the rest of the story.

Reasons you will never be a millionaire

Wealthy people usually aren’t born that way. Most spend their lives amassing their fortunes by working hard, spending little, saving a lot and investing wisely. It may sound like a simple strategy, but the fact that the vast majority of Americans fall short of millionaire status proves that it’s easier ...

Here’s How Trump’s Tax Plan Would Affect You

Donald Trump’s tax plan was revealed with a message for millions of Americans: “You win!”   Read the rest of the story.

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