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"On the Money" with Certified Financial Group

"On the Money" with Certified Financial Group 

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How much money you need to save each day to become a millionaire by age 65

It doesn’t take money to make money — just start early and make smart decisions.  If you want to get rich, start investing — and start as early as you possibly can. Read the rest of the story.  

Social Security spousal benefits: 5 shocking facts you should know

Millions of workers expect to enjoy Social Security benefits after they retire. Yet Social Security also provides benefits to the spouses of many of those workers, and for millions of families, Social Security spousal benefits make a substantial impact to their overall income in retirement. Read the rest of the ...

Are you smarter than a financial adviser? Test yourself

How much does your financial adviser know?  God may be omniscient but we are not. It’s our nature to seek experts to help us understand that which we are unwilling or unable to learn ourselves. Read the rest of the story.

7 tried-and-true retirement-savings strategies

Some key investment tools cost nothing: time, patience, vigilance, and perseverance. Use them with even small investments for big payoffs at retirement. Check out these retirement-savings strategies. Read the rest of the story.

6 best part-time jobs for retirees

If you’re retired and the golf/beach/travel rotation is beginning to get old — and you’d love a little extra dough — you may be considering something your younger, cubicle-bound self never thought you would: going back to work (though only part-time). Read the rest of the story.

I’m worried Social Security will run out before I retire. What can I do?

“Social Security is broken; it’s bankrupt; I’ll never see a dime of what I put into it.”  Chances are if you’re a millennial, a Gen-Xer, and dare I say, even a Baby Boomer, you’ve likely uttered these words, or at the very least you’ve thought about it in passing.

Take the Social Security quiz that 72% of Americans failed

In the realm of perplexing financial topics, Social Security benefits must rank somewhere near the very top of the list. Read the rest of the story.

My Parents Moved to a Retirement Community – Then Moved Out

The decision to move into a retirement community is a huge one. And it’s not for everyone. Read the rest of the story.

An investment advisor reveals the 7 traps that lead to bad financial decisions

Just because you’re a smart person doesn’t mean that you don’t make bad decisions with money. Read the rest of the story.

Fund a Roth IRA for Your Grandchild

Helping your grandchildren avoid student debt is a worthwhile endeavor, but it’s not the only way you can safeguard their financial future. Read the rest of the story.  

How to Retire with More Money

Generating income for — and during — retirement can be a challenging endeavor. The most common mistakes people investing in their futures make are very simple: being too conservative or too risky in decision making. Read the rest of the story.

6 reasons you need more money for retirement

If your 401(k) plan is doing OK and your IRA is flushed out, you may think you’re doing pretty well for retirement, especially compared to your parents who likely saved a small portion of what’s sitting in your retirement account. The problem is, you need a lot more money than ...

How to make the 4 percent withdrawal rule work for you

The so-called “4 percent rule,” long considered a safe amount one should withdraw each year in retirement, is now the subject of much debate. Some experts argue that it is too high, while others say it is too low. Still, many financial advisors say it is a good starting point ...

6 Common Money Mistakes People Make in Their 30s

Your 30s is filled with countless opportunities, both for success and for failure. They’re the years for establishing careers, having children and building a solid financial platform for the future. Read the rest of the story.

5 Things No One Ever Tells You About Retirement

If you love your job, retirement can be more difficult than you might expect. Read the rest of the story.

3 common money mistakes to avoid in retirement

Have you recently thought about the details of how your nest egg turns into income in retirement? If not, it may be time to do so. There is no magic wand to wave over your savings to turn it into a steady income stream for life in retirement. Although, wouldn’t ...

Do you really know what your siblings are doing?

For the second time in a year, I have received a call from a client stating that they want to liquidate all of their accounts and move the assets to long term annuities. This does not happen often – in 32 year in business, you come to expect to lose ...

Last-minute tax moves

The heat is on. With the April 15 deadline less than three weeks away, taxpayers have filed just over half of the 150 million returns expected this year. Read the rest of the story.

7 Bad Investing Habits That Are Holding You Back

When you reflect on the painful topic of your worst investing mistakes, what comes to mind? Do you think of a bad stock you held for too long? Read the rest of the story.

6 tax terrors and how to overcome them

Admit it. You’re afraid of your Form 1040 or any other tax forms. That’s OK. A lot of us are. And our tax fears, sometimes irrational, sometimes warranted, cause us to do a lot of dumb things when it comes to our annual returns. Read the rest of the story.

127 items
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