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Laurel Lee

Orlando's Morning News Producer

Laurel Lee is the producer of Orlando's Morning News, Orlando's News at Noon and produces various Ask the Expert shows on the weekend.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, she bleeds black and gold and is a huge Steeler and Penguins fan (though, let's not talk about the Pirates.) Lured by the chance to escape ice and the dream of learning sound production, Laurel moved to Orlando to attend college. In 2012, she graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Radio and Television Production and a job at News 96.5.

Laurel Lee

Falling into radio was a bit of a happy accident, but she couldn't be more elated about it. A few days on the job and it was love. Laurel has been at News 96.5 since October of 2011.

When she isn't working the air waves, Laurel loves rocking out at concerts, digging for new music to jam to, and riding her motorcycle.

Latest from Laurel Lee

In this artist concept provided by NASA, the MAVEN spacecraft approaches Mars on a mission to study its upper atmosphere. Late Sunday night, Sept. 21, 2014,NASA's Maven spacecraft entered orbit around Mars for an unprecedented study of the red planet's atmosphere following a 442 million-mile journey that began nearly a year ago. (AP Photo/NASA)

Report: Women more suited for Mars

Four months living on the surface of Hawaii's Mauna Kea volcano, or, for the purpose of this simulation, planet Mars. Six people or "astronauts" lived as colonists on the planet and played the simulation to a T, exercising and eating as colonists would do, even donning a spacesuit every time ...

(Getty File Photo)

Bus rider: 'Don't mess with me, I have Ebola'

A Los Angeles bus driver had his normal route turn terrifying when a passenger boarded the bus and proclaimed he had Ebola. The man, who was wearing a surgical mask and was accompanied by a woman, told the driver, "Don't mess with me, I have Ebola." The driver alerted Metro ...

Courtesy 'a4gpa' via Flickr

90's classic: 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' back in full on Youtube

90's kids rejoice: Our favorite creepy childhood show has been uploaded to Youtube in its entirety. Every episode of "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" in now available for your nostalgia pleasure on the website and a friendly Redditor has compiled a full list of URLs for all 65 episodes. ...

Enraged hawk smashes drone to the ground Christopher Schmidt was flying his quadcopter around Magazine Beach Park in Cambridge, Massachusetts when he learned the hard way that his toy wasn't welcomed in the sky. His copter, equipped with a GoPro camera, catches the moment a hawk launches toward his drone and knocks it from the air. ...

New staple-less stapler says goodbye to foul paper tears

Say goodbye to the sharp bite of a cold, metal staple and the annoying tears and holes they cause in our clean documents: the staple-less stapler is here. Not using a metal clip to bind papers together isn't a new idea, per se, but former versions of the paper-locking mechanisms ...

Smoke billows from one of the towers of the World Trade Center and flames as debris explodes from the second tower, in this Sept. 11, 2001, file photo. In one of the most horrifying attacks ever against the United States, terrorists crashed two airliners into the World Trade Center in a deadly series of blows that brought down the twin 110-story towers.

Florida school to teachers: Don't teach about 9/11

Controversy is raging through the school system of Lee County after teachers say they were told not to teach about September 11th. An unidentified teacher first brought the issue up on a morning radio show, claiming, "We were not permitted to teach anything about 9-11 because those particular things do ...

Moose hunter shocked to find small herd of abandoned puppies

Greg Zubiak went looking for moose, but instead found puppies. Lots of them. Zubiak was traipsing through a field he plans to hunt moose in later in the year, when he spotted some movement in the grass. As he approached the movement, he realized it was coming from a squirming ...

'Ebola Zombie' hoax goes viral

The ghastly image has made is way around the internet - a man with a dead eye and face of rotting flesh.The tale that comes with the frightful image is that the man is a Liberian Ebola victim who has died, then risen from the dead."For the first time in ...

D.C. hospital admits patient showing possible Ebola symptoms

A man with symptoms "that could be associated with Ebola" has been admitted to Howard University Hospital in Washington. The unnamed patient presented symptoms after returning to a trip from Nigeria. That patient is in stable condition and has been isolated and tested. "In an abundance of caution, we have ...

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Man on a mission: have coffee with 1000+ Facebook friends

Back in September, 28-year-old Matt Kuleza was skimming through his Facebook friends list, deciding who was worth keeping and who he didn't speak to anymore and should delete.As he scanned the faces of people who were no longer in his life, an idea hit him and "1000+ Coffees" began.The mission ...