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Joe Ruble


Joe Ruble is a veteran radio reporter, afternoon anchor and baseball fan.

He claims to have been to every spring training site in Florida over the last ten years. "Steinbrenner Field in Tampa is one of my favorites," he said.

Before landing in Orlando a year after the hurricanes did, Joe reported for Newsradio 740 KTRH in Houston for 15 years. He also covered news in Denver at KOA and was a news director for KYGO AM-FM. He is now a Broncos fan after watching John Elway from the press box at Mile High Stadium for two seasons. 

Joe was raised in Hawaii and began his reporting career there while still a student at the University of Hawaii. He has earned awards for his reporting from natural disasters like volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Not wanting to press his luck, he stayed away from high surf.  

Joe has interviewed former presidents, professional athletes and music legends over the years. Most memorable chat? "Stevie Wonder, he joined me live on the radio in Hilo one night. He was touring and writing music for an album. I played his records while he sat on the other side of the turntable talking about his songs. Unforgettable."

Ruble is married, raising two pups and living in Ocoee, Fla.

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Stolen car from mayor's home had laptop, radar detector inside

The car stolen this month from the home of Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs contained a briefcase, laptop and radar detector worth a combined $1,500, according to a police report released today. Also released by the Orange County Sheriff's Office is a 911 call made by the mayor's husband, Brad, ...

Crimeline reward raised for hit and run crash info

Still no arrests in the death of a social media employee for Darden Restaurants, hit by a passing car and then run over by two others this month. This is the latest from CrimeLine: The reward for information leading to the arrest of the drivers that fled the scene of ...


Police: Cocoa apartment fire was intentional

Police announced today that an apartment fire that has displaced 29 people was arson. A woman in whose the fire started was taken from the scene for medical care unrelated to the fire, police said. Police released several 911 calls that came from residents of Village Green Apartment on Dixon ...

UCF police clear campus library after reported threat

No threat found at the University of Central Florida library after students received a text alert warning about a possible gunman on campus just before 4:00 P.M. Tuesday.   Police responded to the campus as students stood outside. There were no reported injuries. The initial alert read as follows. "Possible ...

The sunken El Faro cargo ship

El Faro data recorder found 3 miles under sea

The National Transportation Safety Board revealed today that it has found the data recorder from the sunken cargo ship El Faro. It was located early today about 41 miles (36 nautical miles) northeast of Acklins and Crooked Islands, Bahamas, by a team of investigators and scientists using remotely operated undersea search ...


Citrus Bowl no more, now Camping World Stadium

Orlando's newly modernized stadium gets a new name, thanks to a sponsorship brokered and just announced by Florida Citrus Sports. Henceforth, the Orlando Citrus Bowl will be known as Camping World Stadium. The association that operates football games out of the Orlando landmark issued this statement: Camping World is the ...


Orlando's new food truck offering: beer and a spiked burger

Mixed Eats co-owner Kennon Adkinson says it took some jumping through hoops, but they are the first local truck have a permit to set up a bar and will gladly serve up a burger and beer to customers around town. "We're really excited about that and hope it pushes the ...

School dean arrested in bus driver sex abuse case

The dean of students at Horizons Elementary School, Courtney Stanley, was arrested Tuesday on allegations he knew a bus driver was sexually abusing young girls, but did nothing about it. "One of these four year old babies, one of these children were abused three more times because he didn't report," ...


Polk school bus driver charged with sexual battery

A Polk County school bus driver is facing eight counts of sexual battery. The victims, according to the Polk county Sheriff's Office, were special needs children who rode his bus.   PCSO investigators say Carlos Ojeda, 72, would offer them candy and then place his hands down their clothing. According ...

Burnt bear cub healing at Tampa zoo

Smokey Junior is getting expert care now at Lowry Park Zoo after Florida's wildlife officers gave up attempts to reunite the black cub with its mother. The cub was rescued from a massive brushfire in Lake County last week. It had suffered some burning to its fur, but was otherwise ...




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