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News 96.5 Programming

Orlando's Morning News with Joe Kelley

Central Florida's Morning News with Joe Kelley

5AM - 9AM

WDBO's news team will catch up on the top local and national news.

Orlando's Evening News with Tony Marino

Tony Marino NEWS 96.5

6PM - 7PM

Catch up on the top local and national news.

Kilmeade & Friends with Brian Kilmeade

Brian Kilmeade

9AM - 10AM

One of Fox News Channel’s most recognizable personalities, Brian Kilmeade, co-host of the popular FOX & Friends morning show, delivers a unique brand of radio to FOX News Talk.

Herman Cain

Herman Cain

Gage Skidmore


Listen from 10AM - NOON to Herman Cain's one-of-a-kind commentary on News 96.5. 

Central Florida's News At Noon

Central Florida's News At Noon

12PM - 1PM

Scott Anez serves as host of Central Florida's News At Noon, a fast-moving, hour-long midday program chock full of news, weather, traffic and opinion weekdays 12PM - 1PM

Clark Howard

Clark Howard NEW

1PM - 3PM

Conservative with his money, helps you save yours!  Every weekday from 1pm - 3pm right here on FM 96.5  News Talk WDBO.

Click here to check out Clark Howard Minutes!

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity

3PM - 6PM

The Sean Hannity Show can be heard every weekday from 3PM - 6PM right here on FM 96.5 News Talk WDBO.

The Dana Show

The Dana Show

The Dana Show

The Dana Show Hear The Dana Show on News 96.5, Monday- Friday from 7-9pm Dana’s original brand of young, punk-rock, irreverence has found a fast-growing multi-media audience.

Mark Levin


9PM - 12AM

Mark Levin is one of America's preeminent conservative commentators and constitutional lawyers.

The Mel Robbins Show

Mel Robbins

Sunday 8PM

She’s an Ivy League educated trial lawyer and entrepreneur who’s quick wit and refreshing take on current affairs has helped her become an internationally recognized speaker, best-selling author, relationship expert and Common Sense Activist. 

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News 96.5 Program Guide

Full Program Guide

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