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Posted: 5:25 a.m. Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Shocking video shows garbage truck falling 100 feet off Florida highway

Truck off highway
Photo credit: Florida Highway Patrol video

By Samantha Jordan

MIAMI, Fla. —

The Florida Highway Patrol has just released unbelievable footage from inside a garbage truck as it fell 100 feet off a highway ramp in Miami, according to NBC 6 South Florida.

The accident happened on February 15 in the southbound lanes on Interstate 95  near Southwest 7th Street.

Investigators say that driver Kaseem Smith was distracted for a moment and hit an inside wall twice. As he tries to over correct, the truck smashes through the guardrail, flies off the exit ramp, and crashes into a parking lot 100 feet  below.

"He basically focused on something else, so he is driving carelessly. He collides twice with the wall and that's when he overreacts," FHP spokesman Joe Sanchez said

Smith was thrown from the cab and taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital. His family says it's a miracle that he survived.

Smith received two citations for careless driving and not wearing a seatbelt. 

RAW VIDEO: Whoa! For the first time, the Florida Highway Patrol is showing video from inside the cab of a trash truck that fell 100-feet from an overpass. The driver survived.

Posted by CBS Los Angeles on Monday, March 7, 2016






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