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Posted: 8:39 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017

Runner loses race because 'Spider-man attacked him'

Photo credit: YouTube

By Samantha Jordan


This just seems unfair.

Runner Aengus Meldon was competing in a university running event in Athlone, Ireland. He remained ahead of all of his competitors, but as he sprinted toward the  finish line, his victory lap turned into a losing mishap. 

Out of nowhere, an elastic practice cross bar from a nearby pole vault goes rogue, flying onto Meldon and gets tangled around his legs as he's trying to finish the race.

"He was tied up like Spider-man threw something at him!" said one of the announcers. "Spider-man attacked him." 

As the elastic gets wrapped around Meldon's legs and  slows him down, another runner seizes the opportunity to pull ahead and win. 

According to the Telegraph, Meldon was given a place in the final since he had been leading the whole time.


Watch the video HERE.




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