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Posted: 8:26 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016

Petite, tall and curvy: Barbie gets three new body types

Photo credit: Barbie via Twitter

By Samantha Jordan

The world's best-selling doll is getting a body makeover.

Starting January 28, Barbie will now come in three new body shapes for little girls to choose from: petite, tall, and curvy. It's the first major change by Mattel in the iconic doll's 57-year history.

The official Twitter account for Barbie tweeted out the annoucement on Thursday morning.

"We proudly add three new body types to our line. Meet the new dolls. #TheDollEvolves" 

Fans have already taken to Twitter in support of the changes.

"Well done," said Deb Amlen. "Now we just need Everything Goes To My Hips Barbie and we'll be all set."

"Oh wow. That's a step forward!" wrote Ardean Peters.

TIME reports that the new versions will be sold alongside the original small-waisted, big-busted Barbie. 

The company hopes that the new diverse body types, as well as other changes like new skin tones and different textures of hair, will will appeal to their young audience of consumers.  

About 92% of American girls ages 3 to 12 have owned a Barbie, making Mattel around $1 billion in sales each year.







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