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Posted: 9:13 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016

Florida deputy blows finger off trying to shoot pit bull

Pasco officer dog attack
Pasco officer dog attack

By Laurel Lee

A startling video has emerged of a Pasco County deputy shooting her finger while desperately trying to get away from an attacking dog.

"Stay there brother," the deputy can be heard saying as the dog rounds a corner and heads towards the officer.

As the video describes:

"The Pasco County Sheriff's Office released bodycam video of a deputy shooting a dog that tried to attack her over the weekend.

Deputies responded to a home on Oakley Ave. in Hudson on Saturday after deputies said the pit bull dog attacked a homeless man.

When deputies tried to make contact with the dog's owner, the dog broke its leash and went after the deputy, grabbing her pant leg and causing her to trip.

Bodycam video shows the deputy approaching the home, calling out to the owner, and then the dog barking aggressively and lunging at the deputy. 

'I saw the dog come out and attack the Pasco County Sheriff's officer, a female, and she was backing up to get away from the dog, and she fell down,' says Jim Ames, a neighbor.

The deputy was forced to fire her gun at the dog, deputies said.

One of the shots grazed her finger and she was taken to the hospital to have her injury treated.

The homeless man also suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

The sheriff's office says this deputy has three pit bull dogs herself and she is familiar with the breed.

It's unclear if the dog's owner will face any charges"

The condition of the deputy and dog are unknown at this time.





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