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Posted: 11:15 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013

Advocates call for local minimum wage hikes

100 cities to face worker walkout on Thursday

By Joe Ruble


An annual study of wages in Florida finds that the Sunshine State is home to the second largest population of minimum wage earners in the country.

Organize Now Director Stephanie Porta called for local and countywide minimum wage rules to be enacted, to reflect the different costs of living in different areas of Florida.

"There's a lot of differences between Palatka and Miami and communities should be able to make those decisions," she said during a teleconference with reporters this morning.

The key findings of the report include:

  • The living wage for a single adult is $16.84 an hour. 
  • The living wage for a family with two working adults and two children is $39.48 an hour. 

"There are not enough jobs in Florida that pay a living wage, forcing families to make difficult tradeoffs to make ends meet," Porta added.

President Barack Obama recently came out in favor of raising the federal minimum from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour.

The study's release comes days before a walkout of fast food workers in 100 cities nationwide. That is scheduled for Thursday. Workers at five locations in Florida are expected to participate.