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Posted: 12:06 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017

Police officer impaled by booby trap at Michigan pot growing operation

Police Crime Tape
Larry W. Smith/Getty Images
A Michigan police officer was injured when his feet were impaled on a homemade trap outside a medical marijuan grow operation in suburban Grand Rapids.

By Shelby Lin Erdman

Cox Media Group National Content Desk

A western Michigan police officer, who was investigating reports of a break-in at a medical marijuana grow operation on Saturday, was injured by a dangerous booby trap when he jumped a fence at the business, authorities said.

The officer’s feet were impaled when he landed on a board with more than 100 sharp, 3-inch decking screws pointing upward, WZZM reported.

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Wyoming police Chief James Carmody told the station that three of the screws went through the officer’s feet, causing painful injuries and damaging a tendon.

Police in the suburban Grand Rapids city were responding to a security alarm when the officer was injured.

The business used the homemade trap to try to keep thieves from breaking in, but it apparently didn’t work because officers said they caught the burglars red-handed inside the building.

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After a brief chase, police said they caught the two men trying to flee the scene.

Both were arrested and are facing charges, including breaking and entering.




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