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Posted: 9:15 a.m. Friday, Aug. 15, 2014

Guy proposes to Disney princesses - see who ends up with the ring


Disney princesses photo
Loren Javier / Flickr
Photo of the Disney princesses

AUSTIN, Texas —

On the profile page of the website Blaine Gibson works for, he describes himself as a “Part time super hero, full time romantic.”

We have no proof of that super hero claim, but there is little doubt the 24-year-old Texan is a true romantic.

Gibson recently went to Disney World where he was photographed proposing to several of the Disney princesses … and one confused-looking Gaston.

While he didn’t win the heart of any of the princesses, he has won the love of many across the Internet. His photos have been seen on many websites including Reddit, PerezHilton and E!, just to name a few.

Gibson, who is a content producer for the Austin-based website, said on a video podcast that one princess attracted his attention more than the others.

"Man, Ariel was hot," he said on the Rooster Teeth podcast. "My hope was that when I tweeted the photos—I was just really hoping for Ariel—that I would hear back... Somebody had to know somebody." 




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