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Latest from Joe Kelley

    They’re calling it - “Two balls and a STRIKE!” A ceremonial first pitch Wednesday night may go down in history as possibly the worst ever.  The errant pitch hit a photographer, who happened to snap a photo of the ball moments before the strike.  (App users can see video here) (App users can see the image here)
  • A woman from Boynton Beach, Florida is facing child abuse and DUI charges after a tow truck driver spotted her weaving all over the road. 'I was afraid she was going to kill someone,' said Juan Martinez in a statement to detectives with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. Martinez told deputies he saw a woman at the wheel of a gold Chevrolet Malibu, driving all over the place down Haverhill Boulevard near Belvedere Road on Saturday afternoon. He said she nearly hit four cars and looked drunk or under the influence of something. According to the arrest report, he also saw a child in the back seat.
  • Texas A&M University has canceled a “White Lives Matter” event scheduled to be held on its campus on Sept. 11, citing safety concerns. The university said in a statement Monday that it canceled the event scheduled by Preston Wiginton after “consultation with law enforcement and considerable study.” The event was expected to be held outdoors on Sept. 11, at Rudder Plaza, located in the middle of campus in College Station.
  • Residents have been on edge in Guam for several weeks as North Korea threatens a nuclear attack on the island.  And tensions surely shot through the roof when two Guam radio stations sent out a false ‘civil emergency’ alert in the middle of the night.  The warning, which was issued at 12.25am, was later confirmed to have been a mistake. Several concerned listeners had called police over the alarm. Sky News has more details here. 
  • The nanny of the missing 4-year-old Jupiter boy has been arrested in Miami-Dade County on a kidnapping charge, but Dominic I. Caprio still has not been found, town police said. Authorities are interviewing his 57-year-old nanny, Blanca Castro, about his whereabouts. Castro was booked early Friday into the Miami-Dade jail on an out-of-county warrant. Dominic’s mother, Danielle Caprio, left the boy with Castro at about 12:30 p.m. in the family’s home in the 100 block of Regions Way. An hour later, when the mother returned, Castro and Dominic were gone. Dominic was last seen wearing a gray T-shirt with dinosaurs and green shorts. Dominic has a small pinkish-red birthmark on the back of his neck and a small scar on his lower back. Elizabeth Caprio, 60, is a blonde, 5-foot-5 woman with brown eyes who weighs about 140 pounds. Luis Caprio, 64, is about 6-feet tall and 200 pounds. He has brown hair and eyes, authorities say. They may be in a 2013 blue BMW 740i with the Florida tag CBDB47. Authorities initially said Castro and the boy may had been heading to a residence in the 4000 block of Park Avenue in Coconut Grove. Anyone with information is asked to call the Jupiter Police Department at 561-799-4447 or the Florida Department of Law Enforcement at 888-356-4774.
  • Americans are getting lots of warnings telling them not to look at the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21st with the naked eye because it could damage their vision. Viewing is safe with special protective glasses, with are being made available for sale and for free in lots of places. But if you don't want to bother with getting a pair, NASA has put out a video showing how you can make a pinhole camera to see the eclipse from a cardboard cereal box. All you need is the box, a piece of plain paper, aluminum foil, tape and scissors.  (App users can see video for DIY here)
  • So much food has been pumpkin-spiced that it's now our pets' turn, with a company called The Honest Kitchen debuting a line of pumpkin spice lattes for dogs and cats in October. Not only will they taste good, but they'll also be healthy for your furry best friend, with Well and Good saying that the pumpkin in them, which is high in fiber, is good for the animals' digestive system. The pet PSL also contains goat's milk, aromatic spices and honey, and can be served as a drink or poured over kibble.   (App users can see tweet here)
  • Google has fired the author of a 10-page think-piece on inclusion entitled - Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber; How bias clouds our thinking about diversity and inclusion.  The writer of that piece, James Damore, lost his job Monday after a copy of the document was made public.  In his background statement, Damore writes: People generally have good intentions, but we all have biases which are invisible to us.  Thankfully, open and honest discussion with those who disagree can highlight our blind spots and help us grow, which is why I wrote this document. Google has several biases and honest discussion about these biases is being silenced by the dominant ideology. What follows is by no means the complete story, but it’s a perspective that desperately needs to be told at Google. You can read the entire document here. 
  • Hyperloop One hits an impressive milestone in their quest to create high-speed mass travel - achieving 192 mph in a full-sized test pod in the Nevada desert.  From TechCrunch: The company completed a test on July 29, 2017 at its full-scale Nevada test track that travelled at high speed, running nearly the entirety of the 500 meter (1640 foot) test route. XP-1, the company’s first Hyperloop pod, reached speeds of up to 310 km/h (192 mph) during the test, which is getting closer to the planned functional speeds of future Hyperloop installations planned for Dubai and elsewhere. The Hyperloop goal is to eventually hit speeds as high as 500 mph.  (Techcrunch)
  • A Boeing airline pilot is on quite a artist mission early this morning (Thursday).  The Seattle-based airline flight crew is flying across the United States in the shape of the same airliner they’re flying - a 787 Dreamliner.  Update: As of this writing (6:13am Thursday), the jet is over Tennessee ‘painting’ the tail section of the jet.  App users can see tweet here. 
  • Joe Kelley

    News Director

    Joe Kelley has joined the staff of News 96.5 as News Director and host of Orlando's Morning News. Joe comes to Orlando from News 96.5’s sister-station KRMG in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he also held both positions.

    Joe has been recognized many times over for his successes as an on-air radio personality and community leader. He has received awards from Radio and Records Magazine, Radio Ink Magazine, the Dallas Press Club, and Las Vegas Women in Communications, the Tulsa Press Club, the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters and more. In 2007, Joe was named to the "Top 40 Under 40" achievers in Tulsa People Magazine, The Journal Record Newspaper and the Tulsa Business Journal.

    More than just a broadcaster, Joe has been a writer for Tulsa Kids Magazine since 2005. His monthly column focuses on the observational humor he enjoys while raising his three young children with his wife of 16 years, Nicole. Joe's now featured in Orlando Family Magazine with his Twitter MoMENts column.

    Joe has been active in the Rotary Club and has served on the board of directors and as sergeant-at-arms. Joe is also a long-time volunteer, board member and former chairman of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Oklahoma. Joe has raised more than $1.4 million in the last 7 years for Make-A-Wish.

    Radio was a calling for Joe.


    His broadcast career began in 1982, in the small southeast Texas town of Nederland.

    The phone in his high school journalism class rang. The teacher was out of the room at the moment, so Joe reached for the phone.

    “Hey, you wanna be on the radio?” the voice on the phone asked.

    Unbeknownst to Joe at that moment, on the other end of that phone line was a 30-year-plus career in broadcast journalism.

    Calling was a local radio station program director in need of free help.

    Joe jumped at the chance.

    For most people, opportunity knocks.

    In Joe’s case, it called.

    And while his initial introduction to radio was entirely unexpected, Joe's ascension to his level of professional success is quite deliberate and the result of three decades of thoughtful and creative performances on award-winning radio stations across the country.

    On the personal side, Joe has been married to the woman of his dreams, Nicole, since 1996. Joe and Nicole were winners on TV’s “The Newlywed Game” later that year.

    Nicole and Joe adopted an 11-year-old son from the state of Texas in 2001, after seeing his story on the Dallas TV news. Nicole gave birth in Dallas to their only daughter, Sierra, in 2003. The always-rambunctious Kelley twins, Hudson and Brooks, were born in Tulsa in 2006.

    Joe and Nicole are thrilled to move the family to Orlando and are very excited about making new friends in their new home.

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The Latest Headlines You Need To Know

  • Florida prisons were placed on lockdown Thursday following reports of security threats.  >> Read more trending news The Florida Department of Corrections announced that it canceled weekend visitation at all institutions for Saturday and Sunday because of a possible security threat. Correction officials said they received information that indicated small groups of inmates at several institutions would try to disrupt prison operations. The lockdown affects more than 97,000 inmates in Florida’s 151 correctional facilities, including major institutions, work camps and annex facilities. The move affects recreational and educational programs, but inmates are not confined to their cells, officials said. The cancellation does not apply to work release centers, department officials said.  
  • A group of storms east of the Caribbean has developed into Tropical Storm Harvey.   Harvey is approaching the Lesser Antilles and it is forecast to continue traveling west, officially arriving in the Caribbean Friday afternoon. It has been given a 100 percent chance of becoming a tropical cyclone over the next two days.   It’s also expected to become a hurricane by Monday morning. At this point it is no threat to Florida.   “We have entered the peak of Hurricane season, which is mid-August through late October,” said Dennis Feltgen, spokesman for the National Hurricane Center.
  • A Cleveland father is upset after he says his son was left on the school bus for hours on his first day of classes. WJW reported that Trevelle Hargrove’s 6-year-old son, Trevelle Jr.,  has special needs. Hargrove said his son fell asleep on the bus. >> Read more trending news Trevelle Jr.  said he was found after he honked the horn of the bus and jumped up and down. A spokesperson for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District said Trevelle Jr. fell asleep on the bus Monday and was there for less than an hour. His father says otherwise. “After an hour and they couldn't tell me what was going on I started to get extremely worried,” Hargrove told WJW. 'I couldn't understand why no one could tell me where my son was.” Hargrove said his son was back four hours later, at 6:30 p.m. “You can’t just forget to do things,” he said. “This isn’t like a normal job where you forget to put the straw in the bag or you forget to clock in or whatever it is you do at a normal job. You can’t do that when it comes to kids.” Hargrove said his son won’t be riding the bus again any time soon. The district is is investigating. Cleveland Metropolitan Schools Chief Communications Officer Roseann Canfora issued the following statement to WJW: “Drivers are trained to follow strict protocols for inspecting every seat at the beginning and end of their routes, and CMSD has a zero tolerance for any violation of these safety guidelines.” The bus driver has resigned. WJW reported they may be terminated pending the outcome of the district’s investigation.
  • Authorities said a terror attack in Barcelona claimed at least 13 lives on Thursday and left 80 others injured after a van slammed into pedestrians on Barcelona's popular La Rambla street. >> Read more trending news Mossos d'Esquadra, the Catalonia police force, confirmed the attack in a Twitter post around 5:10 p.m. local time.
  • Many scientists and groups across the U.S. aren’t taking Monday’s eclipse for granted - they want to learn things! There will be lots of experiments happening during the 90-minute event.  Here are just a few: 1. The eclipse movie - Volunteers from national labs and education groups will track the sun along its path using identical telescopes, which will take continuous digital pictures.  The pictures will be later spliced together to make a 90-minute movie.  So don’t fret if you can’t watch on Monday! 2. Sounds - college students at Tennessee’s Austin Peay State University, along with NASA< will measure the sound of the eclipse by setting up low-frequency radio experiments in bean fields.  They’ll capture the noise the eclipse creates and figure out how its different from normal conditions. 3. Animal behavior - Also at Austin Peay State University, scientists will be watching how crickets and cows act when the Moon covers the sun and darkens the sky.  During a solar eclipse in 1991, spiders were seen taking down their webs.  4. Solar flares - We know solar flares happen when the sun’s magnetic field causes a brief burst of intense radiation, but we don’t know enough to protect our technology from them.  During the eclipse, a group of scientists in Wyoming will attempt to take some measurements of the sun’s outer atmosphere.  Usually the sun is too bright to do this, but the eclipse should provide a good view. Want to watch the eclipse?  CLICK HERE to see where you can get free glasses.