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Latest from Joe Kelley

    It’s bear mating season in Florida and agents from the Florida Wildlife Commission have cautioned of increased visibility of black bears.  Right on cue, we got word this morning of the death of a black bear in traffic in Orlando.  We’re told a Jeep hit the bear shortly after 7:00 am today.  After getting word of the collision, we sent our helicopter Air One to check it out.  After searching for a moment, we found the bear in the center median at Hiawassee Road  near Apopka Blvd.  At one point, dozens of high school students walk over to the bear to take selfies with the carcass.  The black bear was the second large Florida wildlife that was killed in traffic this morning.  In the predawn hours near Tampa, a motorcyclist hit and killed a 10-foot gator.  (app users can see picture here)
  • White House counselor Kellyanne Conway charged CNN's Anderson Cooper with sexism Thursday for rolling his eyes during an interview with her Tuesday after President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, a moment that quickly went viral. Conway said on Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends, 'I face sexism a lot of times when I show up for interviews like that. Can you imagine rolling your eyes… having a male anchor on a network roll eyes at Hillary Clinton, a female representative spokeswoman for President Obama or President Bill Clinton? I think not.' Cooper's eyeroll came after he'd asked Conway about Trump's reversal on how the FBI director had handled the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails, which Trump praised during the campaign, but which was initially cited as the basis for Comey's firing. The White House had released a memo from the deputy attorney general that basically said Comey had been too publicly critical of Clinton. But Conway told Cooper he was, quote, 'conflating two things that don't belong together,' and then returned to the campaign, saying, 'Thanks for the trip down memory lane -- I was on your show often last fall saying we were going to win Michigan, and how we were going to do it.' That's when Cooper rolled his eyes.  (App users can see video here)
  • Three dead great white sharks washed ashore in South Africa last week and they all had one curious thing in common - their bodies were intact, but missing vital organs like livers and hearts.  While that kind of precision removal of organs sounds like something only surgeon could accomplish, shark experts believe that killer whales are the culprit.  From LiveScience.com: In a strange case of extremely picky eating, orcas off the coast of South Africa are killing great white sharks, but the killer whales are chowing down only on the sharks' livers and, in some cases, their hearts, researchers say. (app users can see tweet here) Although orcas aren't known to regularly hunt great white sharks, 'it's not unprecedented,' said Andrew Nosal, an assistant professor of biological sciences at Saint Katherine College in San Marcos, California, and a visiting assistant researcher at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego. 
  • Huh? News 96.5 WDBO  was startled to learn that the newest vehicle in their fleet of news-gathering SUVs was issued a parking ticket while parking in front of Orlando City Hall Tuesday.  The Ford Flex SUV was cited for illegally parking in a space marked for media parking only.  As noted in the image above, the news unit is also CLEARLY marked as a member of the very same media for whom the space was created.  To be clear, our new ‘news unit’ (as we call our vehicles) did not have the proper permit to park in the space. The City of Orlando issues parking laminated permits recognizing real media vehicles.  “Of course, one only needs eyes to ‘recognize’ that our news unit is an official media vehicle,” quipped Joe Kelley “This is the difference between following the letter of the law versus the spirit of the law,” remarked Joe Kelley, host of Orlando’s Morning News and News Director of News 96.5 WDBO.  “WDBO has been reporting the news from City Hall since the early 1950’s. We are immediately recognizable to MOST Central Florida residents and certainly at Orlando’s City Hall.” “Clearly those parking spaces are provided for working members of the media who, often times, need close-up parking during live broadcast reports so they can run broadcast cable, powers cords and heavy gear.” Kelley took to Facebook Live Wednesday to express his dismay at the citation to ask viewers if he should pay it or fight it.   After 30-to-40 seconds of Red Bull-fueled outrage and contemplation, News 96.5 WDBO News Director Joe Kelley announced, “It’s time to take a stand. It’s time to fight City Hall!”  (App users can see video here) Joe tweeted to the City of Orlando and Mayor Buddy Dyer Wednesday: When asked if they could “take care of our parking ticket,” the city’s Twitter account replied with: Hi Joe, if you would like to contest the citation we can provide you with the contact info. Just let us know! This is the ticket we got on the windshield Tuesday -  Here are pictures of the scene of the crime:
  • The family has since set all their YouTube videos to ‘private.’ 
  • A small plane crashed near a small town about 20-miles north of Seattle, Washington.  The crash was caught on a car’s dashcam video and captured the spectacular fireball ignited after the plane hit power lines.  The most amazing part of his video and crash is that no one was killed or injured, including the pilot and passenger on the plane. Both walked away.  Several cars were damaged in the crash, including one that appeared to have been burned out.  (app users can see gif video here)
  • A small plane crashed near a small town about 20-miles north of Seattle, Washington.  The crash was caught on a car’s dashcam video and captured the spectacular fireball ignited after the plane hit power lines.  The most amazing part of his video and crash is that no one was killed or injured, including the pilot and passenger on the plane. Both walked away.  Several cars were damaged in the crash, including one that appeared to have been burned out.  According to ABC's Seattle affiliate KOMO, the plane crashed shortly after taking off from the Paine Field airport in Everett, Washington, which is located about 30 minutes north of Seattle.
  • One of the top trending videos on YouTube this morning features a Sheppard-type dog desperate to retrieve a large stick ... that’s still attached to the tree that created it.  Enjoy: (app users can see video here)
  • Police have shot and killed a gunman who opened fire at an apartment complex pool in San Diego, shooting seven people, police said. (app users can see video here)
  • The Minnesota Department of Transportation traffic cameras were watching as a motorcyclist running from the police wiped out and managed to walk away from the crash.  From the YouTube description: The state patrol was trying to stop the 33-year-old rider for speeding and splitting traffic. He attempted to cross the median at Flying Cloud Drive and lost control, sending both him and his motorcycle flying across the road. As he was attempting to get back on his bike, not one but three state patrol cruisers pulled up to make the arrest. The man faces charges including fleeing. (App users can see video here)
  • Joe Kelley

    News Director

    Joe Kelley has joined the staff of News 96.5 as News Director and host of Orlando's Morning News. Joe comes to Orlando from News 96.5’s sister-station KRMG in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he also held both positions.

    Joe has been recognized many times over for his successes as an on-air radio personality and community leader. He has received awards from Radio and Records Magazine, Radio Ink Magazine, the Dallas Press Club, and Las Vegas Women in Communications, the Tulsa Press Club, the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters and more. In 2007, Joe was named to the "Top 40 Under 40" achievers in Tulsa People Magazine, The Journal Record Newspaper and the Tulsa Business Journal.

    More than just a broadcaster, Joe has been a writer for Tulsa Kids Magazine since 2005. His monthly column focuses on the observational humor he enjoys while raising his three young children with his wife of 16 years, Nicole. Joe's now featured in Orlando Family Magazine with his Twitter MoMENts column.

    Joe has been active in the Rotary Club and has served on the board of directors and as sergeant-at-arms. Joe is also a long-time volunteer, board member and former chairman of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Oklahoma. Joe has raised more than $1.4 million in the last 7 years for Make-A-Wish.

    Radio was a calling for Joe.


    His broadcast career began in 1982, in the small southeast Texas town of Nederland.

    The phone in his high school journalism class rang. The teacher was out of the room at the moment, so Joe reached for the phone.

    “Hey, you wanna be on the radio?” the voice on the phone asked.

    Unbeknownst to Joe at that moment, on the other end of that phone line was a 30-year-plus career in broadcast journalism.

    Calling was a local radio station program director in need of free help.

    Joe jumped at the chance.

    For most people, opportunity knocks.

    In Joe’s case, it called.

    And while his initial introduction to radio was entirely unexpected, Joe's ascension to his level of professional success is quite deliberate and the result of three decades of thoughtful and creative performances on award-winning radio stations across the country.

    On the personal side, Joe has been married to the woman of his dreams, Nicole, since 1996. Joe and Nicole were winners on TV’s “The Newlywed Game” later that year.

    Nicole and Joe adopted an 11-year-old son from the state of Texas in 2001, after seeing his story on the Dallas TV news. Nicole gave birth in Dallas to their only daughter, Sierra, in 2003. The always-rambunctious Kelley twins, Hudson and Brooks, were born in Tulsa in 2006.

    Joe and Nicole are thrilled to move the family to Orlando and are very excited about making new friends in their new home.

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The Latest Headlines You Need To Know

  • The starting pay for FHP Troopers hasn't changed in more than a decade, but that is finally going to change.   Since 2010, the Florida Highway Patrol has lost nearly 1,000 troopers and some state lawmakers point to low pay as the reason.   Lawmakers have passed a 5 percent pay increase for all state-level law enforcement officers starting on July 1.   While the move will increase the pay for a starting trooper, Florida still pays less than many surrounding states.   Starting pay for an FHP trooper is currently about $34,000, in Louisiana it is $47,000 and in Mississippi it is $38,000.   The drop in troops has caused the number of citations issued in Florida to drop as well.   Officials hope the bump in pay bump will help fill hundreds of empty positions.
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill said Friday that malware was used to steal customer card information at various restaurant locations.   The restaurant chain says hackers got access to card data from payment systems at some of its restaurants between March 24th and April 18th, including nearly 30 restaurants in Central Florida.   In a statement Chipotle said the malware accessed point-of-sale devices during a three-week span starting in late March. The malware searched for data including cardholder names, numbers, expiration dates and internal verification codes.   Chipotle is warning customers to look for unauthorized purchases on their account and report anything suspicious to banks and credit card companies.
  • UPDATE May 26, 8:00 p.m. The Washington Post reported Friday that in December Russian ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak told his superiors that Kushner discussed setting a up a secret communications channel with the Kremlin. Kushner, according to the report, asked Kislyak about using Russia’s diplomatic facilities to prevent monitoring of the discussions. Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, also attended the meeting, which was not under U.S. surveillance, according to officials. The White House disclosed the meeting in March, but people familiar with the matter told The Post the meeting is of investigative interest. The White House has not returned requests for comment, nor has the Russian Embassy or a lawyer for Flynn. ORIGINAL STORY: Is Jared Kushner, the senior White House official, a person of interest in the investigation into ties between Russia and the Donald Trump campaign? Thursday, The Post reported that Jared Kushner is under investigation “because of the extent and nature of his interactions with the Russians,” citing unnamed people familiar with the investigation. >> Read more trending news  Investigators are looking specifically at meetings held by Kushner, who is also the president’s son-in-law as well as an adviser, as part of their investigation into Russia’s pull in the 2016 election, The Post reported. Kushner has said that he will cooperate with the federal investigators, The Associated Press reported. In a statement released by attorney Jamie Gorelick, “Mr. Kushner previously volunteered to share with Congress what he knows about these meetings. He will do the same if he is contacted in connection with any other inquiry.” >> RELATED: Who are the key players in the Russia/Trump saga? The FBI and the Congressional oversight committee, in addition to other Congressional panels, are looking into what role, if any, Russia had in the 2016 presidential election. The Post and the AP said that the investigation does not mean that Kushner himself is a suspect of a crime. Last week, The Washington Post has reported that Kushner, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are current Trump administration officials who have acknowledged contact with Russian officials, according to the report. The source was not named, but was described as someone close to Trump in the story that was originally released minutes after Trump and his advisors departed for his first overseas trip as president.
  • Police say a metro Atlanta couple locked the woman’s 86-year-old mother in her room and used furniture to block the door. Katie Son and her husband are both charged with cruelty to an elderly person. Officers say 86-year-old Bong Le managed to escape out a front window. She was found a couple of blocks away, wrapped in a blanket and sitting under a tree. Investigators say she smelled like urine and feces. >> Read more trending news Her daughter and son-in-law, who are now out on bond, said they were just trying to protect her from herself. Son said “no” when asked if she locked her mother up. Gwinnett County Police Department said officers found tables, chairs and other items stacked high against the door of the downstairs bedroom in the home. “It looked quite unusual,” Cpl. Michele Pihera said. But Son said it was all to keep her mother safe and that when she and her husband went to work each day at a nail salon, her mother couldn’t be trusted alone in the house. “They told our officers that the reason they had stacked up the furniture was to prevent the mother from going into the kitchen to access the stove or access any kitchen utensils,” Pihera said. Deputies still have questions. “It’s very possible they were trying to prevent her from getting into the food or any kind of items to eat,” Pihera said, adding that the state of the room was disturbing. “They found human feces and what looked like human urine that looked like it had been smeared into the carpet or never even cleaned up,” she said. She said that, combined with the furniture, led to the arrests. “You combine the lack of access to food and water and the living conditions and that’s what led our detectives to take out warrants for their arrests,” Pihera said. Neighbors didn’t want to talk about what happened, but said they recognized Le as the woman who didn’t really have a memory and would get lost easily. She’s now in a hospital. Her daughter and son-in-law have been ordered not to go near her.
  • Workers at Port Canaveral found an eight-foot alligator hiding under a conveyor belt Friday. Employees at Ambassador Services were walking toward the conveyor when they heard a hissing and snarling sound. Trappers were unable to coax the alligator out of the cargo area, so a forklift operator had to lift the platform. The gator was euthanized, and removed from the site. Workers said they aren’t sure how the gator ended up in the cargo area.